What is an RV Port-Home?

The best of a vacation home & the RV lifestyle!

A RV port-home is a new concept for the RV community. The term port-home is used because it pairs a small footprint, single-family home (1 or 2 bedrooms/1 or 2 baths) with an “RV port” (think of a large carport for the RV). In Reunion Pointe, the home is usually between 1,000 and 1,500 sq. ft. of living area, although your custom home can be smaller or larger.

Our port- homes fully integrate the home’s interior living area and the RV with a connecting patio/courtyard area that can be covered or open, with features such as an outdoor kitchen, planters, a fireplace/firepit, and maybe even a courtyard waterfall. This means that a relatively small port-home footprint can enjoy much more functional living area when the courtyard and RV is incorporated in the overall design.



Take a virtual tour inside a Port-Home
See inside an RV Port-Home from Reunion Pointe

Our port-homes are easily financed through a standard mortgage, and they can qualify for the government-guaranteed reverse mortgage program, a great alternative to paying cash while still avoiding monthly mortgage payments. Reunion Pointe is perfect for baby boomers desiring downsize to a home more suitable to their mobile RV lifestyle. The smaller RV port-home allows traveling full time or most of the time while maintaining a base of operation, therefore, avoiding the need to store or dispose of a lifetime of household possessions.

Port-homes are also popular because the RV lifestyle strongly emphasizes community activities and the outdoor lifestyle. Walk in the evening in Reunion Pointe, and you will find families, grilling, walking the dog, visiting neighbors, and simply enjoying the outdoor lifestyle afforded by this upscale, yet relaxed, RV community. Although it might be common in a standard housing community not to know the families on your street after 5 or 10 years, it is just the opposite in an RV community.

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